Paper Bella- Live with What you Love

Company Overview

The Paper Bella company creates unique and creative pieces for home styling products, reflecting fine and artistic taste of its founders.

Established in 2012 by Sharon Miller Maayan and Tal Schindelhaim, Paper Bella is today a market leader in this space.

Our collections of timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions provide a origin point of view and an unmatched combination of cross-culture inspired design, high quality and affordable prices.

Our Vision

Live with what you love

Our Values

Design – Paper Bella provides genuine designs inspired by a combination of the latest trends in home styling and vintage elements. We bring our designs to life by creating pieces for home styling

Home- Paper Bella helps you to create your sanctuary with home wares that are distinguished by their timeless style and reliable quality all at an affordable price

Quality – Paper Bella leverage contemporary materials in order to provide top quality products that they're both pretty and practical, and environment friendly

Variety – Paper Bella creates new collections with every season, bringing a wealth of innovative ideas that keeps our brand vital, and connected to the current world trends

Our Mission

Providing professional services to our customers including home styling consulting so every customer can enjoy the most of our products

Keep innovating with new lines of products, using new materials, reflecting our designs. Creating more possibilities for home décor

Come up with more designs while remaining authentic and preserving our unique Paper Bella design language

Build a global community of home styling enthusiasts ranging from professionals to homeowners.